you asked for it, you got it!

I received so much feedback from customers asking for “normal sized clothing” (i.e. not things that just fit me), that I shopped in search of apparel to fit all — and scored! Brilliant!

I found a great line of soft, travel-friendly garment-dyed cotton/lycra skirts and wide crop pants. Designed in Spain and made in the USA, and very well made by Luna Luz. Check out the ruffled skirt Julia (a loyal Heavenly Metal customer) just had to try on with her blue Eject shoes:

The skirt comes in midnight blue or black, runs S-XL and is sized generously. There are also wide-legged crop pants with two deep pockets in chocolate brown or black. S-XL, same fit as the skirt. (The 3 pairs of Eject shoes in the picture are now 40% off, size 39 & 40 only.)

Start getting excited now for the mid-October arrival of Skif sweaters, handmade in St. Louis. Designed to fit all shapes and sizes with a free-form, free-flowing fit. Skif uses natural fibers, including imported yarns from Italy, Belgium, Turkey, and Ireland. Each sweater is a one-of-kind artpiece and many be worn upside down, backwards, inside-out, wrapped, draped or layered. I am very geeked to be able to bring this exquisitely-crafted sweater line to Heavenly Metal. Get ready: you’ll be geeked too!

And what could possibly look better with your Luna Luz skirt or crop pants and Skif sweater than a beautifully-designed Highway over-the-shoulder bag? In seven fall colors and two sizes, these bags continue to be the big hit on funky side of Huron Street!

p.s. don’t forget the Baggu giveaway October 1st: make a comment on this blog by September 30th to get your name entered in the drawing.