winter boots. winter coats. winter sweaters.

why o why do we live in michigan?

it’s cold. it’s going to snow soon…really soon.

but listen, friends. I’ve got you covered.

the goods are here for you. sweaters. boots. coats. gloves. scarves. even laptop and iPad cases to keep your equipment safe and warm from the elements.

how’s this look for keeping your toes warm?

bos and co’s handcrafted in portugal. all leather, shearling-lined, water-proof gorgeous winter boots. at a good price, I gotta say.

wooden ships vintage-striped mohair cardigan with bell-sleeves. three colors to scratch your head over. but worth it.

from barcelona, where it also gets cold. desigual‘s winter coats are warm, stylin’ and pro-filin’, and worth their weight in gold. three styles. did I say warm?

fly london‘s su-weetness wedge bootie, the yogi. get some height, get some comfort, and get some cool on. but warm too.

plus scarves and gloves and everything in-between.