whoo hoo! check this out!


This is my friend Jess Constable, a jeweler and writer, now living in Chicago. She worked in the store several years ago while finishing undergrad school at UofM. I believed in her then….and even more so now! Her jewelry business has grown by leaps and bounds plus she’s developed a blog that reaches out to people world-wide: makeundermylife.com.

Every now and then, Jess calls on me for advice on how to get through some of the little and the not-so-little steps she’s taken since her move to Chicago. She’s become so successful, I often forget our age difference and thus the life experiences I am able to share with her.

Today Jess honored me by asking me to participate in the “Design Your Life” portion of her blog. This is what she posted today:


Here’s one readers reaction:

Jess – Today’s ‘Design Your Life’ made my morning and re-affirmed some of the things I’ve been thinking already. The last line really resonated with me: Be happy. Get a dog. Like your work. Don’t waste your time with people you don’t completely love and respect. Don’t burden yourself with the things that didn’t happen.

Vicki seems like a wonderful mentor. Thank you so much for sharing this. Erin

Wow! What a sweet note on a cold wintry day. Thank you Jess!