what would you like to wear?

just because art fair has come and gone does not mean that summer is over! no way, sisters! we have another six weeks of hot sultry bare-your-arms, shoulders, and-legs weather.

last week, during one of our busiest art fair days mr. ups, delivered five boxes of clothing from desigual and blu pepper. yes, sisters! hallejulah, summer dresses and skirts, plus fall tops and dresses are now filling our racks!

so, which of these must be yours?

blu pepper’s floral and lace belted top sweeps longer in the back, with a ruffle along the bottom. kinda sweet. kinda sassy. priced exactly right, ta’boot!

Blu Pepper Belt Top

isn’t this blu pepper rusched cotton embroidered tunic top with lace back panel just so so adorable? you can wear this with skinny jeans, not-so-skinny jeans, leggings, or a short skirt . . . and look quite right. the back is as sexy as the front, and I mean that in the best way!

Blu Pepper Embroidery Tunic

blu pepper keeps coming out with the sweetest fabrics embellished with birds. this sleeveless printed top is printed with bird cages and kitty cats, with peek-a-boo cut outs at the shoulder blades. clever. and again, featuring the short in the front, scooped to longer in back look— fashionably de rigueur.

Blu Pepper Sleeveless Printed Top

Blu Pepper Sleeveless Printed Top

a whole mess ‘o desigual is waiting for your approval: tops and tops and tops, skirts, and dresses too.

the two-sided printed tiffannelle dress is a gorgeous fit with elasticized bell sleeves, a piece of velvet ribbon to tie at the waist, and a knock-out floral and animal print that is. . . how can I say. . . simply marvelous! simply a perfect fit, cut to fall to a flair at the bottom while snug in all the right places.

Desigual Tiffannelle Dress

we’ve got two yummy sheer blouses with billowed sleeves and elastic at the bottom, the cam jin top and the brewster sheer top each feature 60’s patterns in not-quite day-glo but close to peter max design. simply smashing, as austin powers would say.

Desigual Sheer Blouses

desigual’s rusched tops are just-so flattering, featuring collage and appliqued images printed onto the fabrics, rusching in just the right places, and way over-the-top flair. check out how each of these three cotton tops are unique from each other: jolie top, beemster top, enteleckia top. and way way way awesomely cool, I think you’d agree!

Desigual Tops

desigual does skirts really really well. both these are very indicative of barcelona-based desigual’s signature prints. both the fénix skirt and the clementine skirt are as flattering as are the desigual tops, with a comfortable close fit and enough flair at the bottom to shimmy and shake yor thang . . . or to show the ease you have while strolling in cha-cha shoes or fly londons.

Desigual Skirts

speaking of which . . . a brand new fly london sandal found it’s way to heavenly metal today! it’s the yossa in a delicate celery green. perfect for right now. and of course fly london-comfortable!

Fly London Yossa Shoe in Smog

this is either a girl’s dream come true or so frightening because you don’t know which to choose from that you’re afraid to step inside heavenly metal! not to worry sisters, come try everything on for size and we’ll help you figure out what you can and cannot live without!

that’s today’s story. the truth and nothin’ but. we’re ready to take you on, so let’s see what you’d like to wear!