Wasabi Jewelry Birthday Bonus!

OK. In my last email newletter, I hinted at a collaboration between Wasabi Jewelry and Heavenly Metal. Well, gals….here’s the details:

I host private parties for groups of women — holiday get-togethers, birthday celebrations, or just  get-together/shop together evenings. Jill Pearson, owner/designer of Wasabi was so excited by the birthday party I hosted in June (and wrote about here) that she has offered to provide a free piece of Wasabi Jewelry for future birthday parties!

So gals — get out your calendars and start planning! You provide the birthday girl and a slew of friends. I provide the wine and munchies, plus a birthday cake from Cake NouveauVoilà! We have a party! And best yet, the birthday girl gets a free piece of Wasabi Jewelry from Jill! It’s a win-win, mais oui?

Is your interest piqued? Let’s set a date!