walk into heavenly metal for spring beauty

supatos neuvos — gorgeous sergio tomani shoes are here!
handcrafted in colombia, they are so so comfortable and so so spring.

we’ve got a soft chartreuse-y suede maryjane . . .
. . . and a dreamy cute red suede mule heel.
coming this week: the sergio tomani violet suede heel from heaven.

purses purses purses! I promised you new purses and they are here!

from chicago comes ellu handbags, handmade, planet friendly and gorgeous.

I can never resist birds and flowers,
so I have for you the adorable keyper series from fossil.

more birds on coin purses and wallets from lavishy.

and speaking of birds . . .
. . . the wire birds have returned for spring.

and these felted wool chicks are awfully cute.

new work from zpots!
their ceramic paint buckets make a great wedding gift.

and these ceramic mugs are way way sweet!

end of chapter one. much more to follow!