victoria mackenzie-childs and more: day three nyigf

day three.

first off: cindy and I had a great day today. we slept in. stopped at the corner market for bananas and frappucinos. then, we set a goal to get through all through piers in one day. check this out: the three piers total over 750 showrooms, at least 5 miles of walking. every aisle on every floor of the convention is 15 miles. whoa baby. but we did it! we did it all! but, oh baby: my legs are feeling it!

I’m gonna save the goodies from the day for a moment. right now it’s evening, we’ve been hanging out at the hotel bar after the show ended at 6pm, too too tired to go out tonight, drinking happy hour drinks, having dinner, and meeting other gift show attendees. john nelson just joined us, done with his day of work in brooklyn on special effects for sorcerer’s apprentice. here’s a glimpse of the last three hours, hanging at the bar sharing stories and more:


now I’ll show you a few things I discovered today! remember mackenzie-childs socks and homegoods? very hip, very collectible. they changed their name to victoria-richard. they are a happy couple selling happy homegoods and jewelry. here’s what I have on order: teeny lipstick/cellphone/whatever bags called “sock-it” because, yes, they are kids socks on a string! really fun!


here’s victoria mackenzie-childs,  the diva herself:


also coming are victoria’s signature jewelry pieces. they are playful, colorful, and fab!


more fun found at the show: 4×4 squares of reclaimed wood with letters painted on them.


new clothing! aloe-infused anti-microbial fabric that is soft and stretchy, light and comfy. this photo does not do justice but trust me, they’re begging to be worn!


one more pic for you, because we have to pack our bags and head back to the show for a few last minute orders.

these are notebooks made entirely from reclaimed paper. they are precious designs and all about reuse and recycle, from sukie designs.


lots lots lots more to share with you, but I must keep some suspense, eh?