verdict: bmac is a lovely show of handmade craft

I’m glad I came to the show. I found really cool new work to bring to Ann Arbor plus I met new artists, including jeweler, Joanne Lasky, who shares a birthday with me! Her resin beaded necklaces are going to be a big hit this spring. No picture to share with you so you’ll have to wait for the surprise.

Here’s some fun ceramics from Lollipop Pottery out of Perrysburg, Ohio. I’m hoping to share this with you, but won’t know for awhile if it’s available for my store…so this may be another surprise.

Dushka Jewelry, from Toronto, stopped me in my tracks. Delicate sterling silver with colorful beads, these are going to be a sweet spring add-on to your spring Heavenly Metal wardrobe.

Clay + birds = yummy new finds for Heavenly Metal! Amy Meya and Cathy Broski hail from Kansas City, Missouri, working in the same medium but creating very different work from each other. They were perfectly placed across the aisle from each other at the show, so I got my tweet-full!

Amy makes tiles with birds and inspirational words. These will fit in quite well with all the other colorful ceramics I carry . . . and of course all the birds tweeting about in my gallery/gift shop!

Cathy Broski’s tiles are little thrones that are a great backdrop to her clay sculptural pieces. I can’t wait to put together little moments in Heavenly Metal with her wonderful work.

So, I have a few sweet new additions coming this spring. And now I’m ready to come home and get back to work — more new arrivals every day — woo-hoo!