travel tips from heavenly metal

Traveling this summer? Heavenly Metal’s dress forms, Muriel and Edith, are about to spend their vacations in Paris and Rome. We consulted with them for some travel and packing tips, listed here:

Tip #1:  Pack the essentials: underneath.
You need to be able to move easily and look good without being weighed down. What Muriel and Edith recommend: Heavenly Metal’s best bra, the Dance in Paris bras and Candi Factory undies are the perfect undergarments for traveling. They come in an array of fun colors and most of all, are all about comfort and easy wash & dry.

The Candi Factory Undies and Dance in Paris Bras

Tip #2:  Pack the essentials: on top.
Our dress forms suggest light summer dresses that are easy to pack and comfortable to wear. Oh, and we happen to have adorable and affordable ones in stock! They both selected Blu Pepper dresses, both are all-purpose kind of dresses.

Muriel’s going to be living in this white cotton and lace dress while overseas . . .

Goody Goody Hat, Reworks by Vick Necklace, Blu Pepper White Sun Dress, and Bed Stu Red Belt

. . . and Edith has selected this striped belted little number.

Tula Sun Hat, Elements by Jill Schwartz Necklace, Blu Pepper Striped Dress

Tip #3. Pack the essentials: around your neck — accessorize, accessorize!
Both our dress forms have selected great accessories for their trips . . . all from Heavenly Metal, of course!
Muriel picked up a great reworks by vick necklace that matches the red leather Bed Stu belt and black silk Goody Goody hat. As you can see below, she’s completed her look with a Tokyo Bay watch and a beautiful pair of World Traveler earrings, which she’s packed away in a Goody Goody jewelry roll. Edith is accessorizing with the Tula vagabond sunhat and a fabulous Elements by Jill Schwartz necklace.

Goody Goody Jewelry Roll with Word Traveler Earrings, and Reworks Necklace

Tip #4:  Pack the essentials: at your feet.
Absolute essentials from Muriel and Edith: lightweight and comfortable shoes that you can wear all day and into the night — but they also need to match any outfit and look adorable. Muriel’s solution: Fly London’s yaya shoe

New Fly London Yayas

Edith chimed in that she feels the best walking shoe available at Heavenly Metal is OTBT’s springfield mule. She guarantees your feet will not hurt, they’ll look good with a skirt, dress, pants, or leggings — and, best yet: they’re on sale! Either pair are sublimely comfortable, good looking, and fit well morning through night.

OTBT Sprinfield Shoes in Cashew

Tip #5: Get yourself an easy to maneuver, light and compact suitcase.
Muriel and Edith recommend Baggallini’s rolling tote, a carry-on suitcase that can accommodate a bit more than a weekend’s needs, with plenty of extra pockets for baggallini-style storage. It’s available in a rainbow of colors. One is in stock but we are happy to special order the right color for you.

Baggallini Rolling Tote

Tip #6: Take along a light daypack or versatile purse for sightseeing or doing the town.
Whether you are more of a backpack or an over-the-shoulder sling kind of gal, Heavenly Metal has the right bag for you. What’s most important is to find a bag that is comfortable while you are out walking, observing, touring, and dining. What Edith recommends: Mosey’s convertible, though we think the scooter backpack is pretty handy . . . well, then again, so are Mosey’s various wallet bags!

Mosey Bags

Both Muriel and Edith are reminding us to tell you: don’t forget to bring along a Baggu reusable shopping bag: easy to pack away in a purse and it will always comes in handy. Baggus help you through a day of shopping and being a tourist, whether carrying a baguette and bottle of wine, or souvenirs! This adorable medium-sized Baggu features a white camel on black background — kind of a perfect look with Muriel’s travel outfit!

Baggu Bag

The most sophisticated purse on the planet is made by Highway: we have a lightweight backpack in yummy new colors, as well as three sizes of Highways most popular shoulder bag designed for women on the go.

Highway Bags

Muriel has chosen Baggallini’s Prague bag, though, once again we think you can’t go wrong with any of the Baggallini’s in stock. All are great for travel, have safe passport pockets and plenty of slots for credit cards and wallet needs, so no need for you to travel with a wallet!

Baggallini Baggs

For some added accessorizing, you can’t miss with the Maruca sprout or any one of their wonderful USA handmade purses. They add alot of zing to any outfit, pack easily, and can be a smaller purse for evening jaunts.

Maruca Design Bags

Tip #7: Pack a sunhat. You’ll thank the girls throughout your trip.
What they recommend: Tula sunhats are rated UPF50+ which can be a necessary accessory during hot summer months if you are sun-sensitive. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. 

Tula Sun Hats

Goody Goody silk hats are stylish, comfortable, cute and lightweight. They will turn heads and match any outfit! We do have colors and two styles to choose from.

Goody Goody Silk Sun Hats

Tip #8: Don’t forget a journal and a book to keep you company.
They recommend: Ecojot spiral journals are easy to pack. You just never know when you are going to find inspiration or want to record what you’ve seen, who you’ve met, and what important things you want to remember. The “poetry to make you smile” collection is also easy to pack and a sweet read while people watching at a cafe or bistro.

Muriel briefed herself a bit, finding inspiration in Kathryn M. Ireland’s “Summers in France” and Nicole Robertson’s “Paris in Color,” two yummy books about our favorite spot across the ocean.

Poetry to Make You Smile, Paris in Color, Summers in France

The girls also suggest taking along one of our great magazines, such as “Where Women Create” or “Flea Market Style” for a source of creative inspiration. They just might give you some great ideas what to do with the treasures to be found at the Marche aux Puce and other flea markets!

Flea Market Style, Where Women Create, and Art Making & Studio Spaces

So let’s see what the girls packed for their trips!


Essentials for Traveling

Pure Poncho, Goody Goody Jewelry Roll, Candi Factory Undies, Dance in Paris Bras, and RockFlowerPaper Scarf

Muriel is accessorizing with Pure & Co’s natural cotton poncho, which will keep her warm on cool nights, cover her shoulders when necessary, and go great with any outfit. She’s also grabbed a rockflowerpaper cotton floral scarf that is going to look great with the whole ensemble during her Parisian adventure, plus Muriel knows you cannot go to Paris without a scarf! If she doesn’t want to use her Baggallini purse, she’s taking along a handmade leather wristlet from j.p. & mattie that is just perfect with the dress, shoes, belt, hat. Crazy, but she found them all on her shopping spree at Heavenly Metal! She found the adorable comfy undies from the candi factory and the black bra from Dance in Paris. Muriel is, like, all set!

As we said, Muriel’s going to be using the Baggallini Prague bag, a practical handbag with a long adjustable strap. The bag holds everything she needs, including safely-stashed passport, ID, credit cards, and room for reading material. Since Muriel is also packing a few baggu resusable shopping bags, she’s sure she’ll have plenty of extra packing room during her travels.

Baggallini Prague Bagg, Baggu, Side Walks Journal and Traveling Notebook

Muriel figured out that the Fly london Yaya shoe has been this summer’s hit. First of all they are very sexy with the peek-a-boo toe and velcro ankle strap. Second of all they are ridiculously comfortable, so this girl will be hitting the streets of Paris every day with no foot complaints! The hot red is so yummy with her ensemble, but they also look fabulous with jeans. Kind of a no brainer for this trip!

Fly London Yayas in Dark Red


Traveling Essentials

Edith figures the Blu Pepper summery-soft flow-y belted dress is a winner because it will get her into the Vatican and a cafe later on. She’s smart to take along the Tula sunhat that is guaranteed to protect her while visiting piazzas. I was impressed with Edith matching Jill Schwartz’ necklace so well to the dress. This is a really fab outfit.

Edith is accessorizing with Skif’s handmade cotton sweater vest, which goes well with jeans and leggings, skirts and dresses. A nice weight and very hip. We think she hit it on the nail with this purchase (plus it was 20% off.)

She followed Muriel’s lead and also packed candi factory undies, a Dance in Paris bra (both easy to wash, quick to dry), Of course the Goody Goody jewelry roll will keep her jewelry safe in one place while she’s on the road.

Baggallini Rolling Tote, Skif Sweater, Candi Factory Undies, and Where Women Create Magazine

Edith is excited about the Mosey’s convertible bag as her travel bag. She figures all the storage with  pockets for passport and ID, plus room for maps and notebooks is going to keep her hands-free — especially because it can be used as a backpack or shoulder bag. D’uh!

Mosey Convertible Bag and Poetry to Make You Smile

The girls wanted to be sure to remind you that it’s always a good idea to take little gifts with you. Ecojot’s notebooks are the perfect gift for easy packing — they come in many sizes and sweet graphics (and we’ll wrap them for you.)

Assorted Ecojot Notebooks

So, there you have it — great recommendations from Muriel and Edith, who hope you get hip to a few of their kindly tips! And that you’ll use Heavenly Metal as a resource for your summer travel needs. They both know that we love love love to help you put together outfits, as well as help you figure out what to pack. Ah summertime, traveltime  .  .  .  .

Bon voyage! Arrivederci! We’d love to get a postcard from you while you’re off seeing the world!

Postcard from Paris