today’s over-the-top delivery: chalet, ian nicholas, sugarboo

busy day today.

this morning’s email newsletter blast about yesterday’s lollipop pottery and baggallini deliveries really delivered. I mean, that is, it had an instant reaction.

so it was a busy day because right away shoppers wanted to see and leave with the new odyssey bag. lollipop pottery pieces hippity-hopped out the door too. and then, mr. fedx and mr. ups delivered three big boxes, again — today.

so, while preparing to price and hang up the box of chalet’s spring apparel — skirts, tunic, long vest, scarf — two best friends arrived and wowed over them, and then left, each with a bag full of brand new chalet.

chalet’s long vest with cut-out in the back. rusched tunic. and long skirt.

the other chalet skirt left with local jeweler-supreme sarah stanton,
looking so so so great with taki’s big electric blue watch on brown leather
band. sarah just couldn’t resist!

I couldn’t wait to open the one big box that came in from sugarboo. oh boy.
this is the first of a few big boxes I’ll be receiving from them — all from
the order I placed at the new york gift show. this is “the french couple”,
one of rebecca puig’s folk art pieces on wood. c’est adorable.

best yet, the day started with chief walking lucy this morning. he
found this perfect green wicker chair sitting by the side of the road.
now it’s known as “the office chair.” outside my front door. sweet.

I didn’t have time to even think about getting into the box of ian nicholas’
new collage art pieces. that’s for tomorrow.

another busy day.