today in the news! eric silva jewelry, red chair studio scarves, espe wallets! plus: the winner is. . .

who’s been waiting for the new eric silva jewelry to come in to heavenly metal? step right up: it’s here and it’s recession-priced!


earrings, rings and necklaces . . . . more will arrive in may/june.

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remember the handmade silk scarves many of you bought for holiday gifts in november and december? I have a beautiful new collection of red chair studio scarves in the prettiest of colors and softest of silks. just right for sunny days.


don’t they look good enough to wear all at once? come try for yourself!

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everyone’s all-time favorite espe wallets from canada are back! spring colors  with flowers and ladybugs in yellows, greens, reds, orange, blues. pretty new designs and easy on the wallet!


that’s today’s exciting hot-off-the-press news! who knows whats in for tomorrow? stay posted!

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today’s free baggu winner is tori, who commented on the blog that she likes the colors of Edith’s scarf. good taste and the right answer! Congratulations!

check out all the cotton floral scarf colors. . . they’re so springy fresh looking, I can’t keep ’em in stock!