the stuff you’ve been craving . . guess what? it’s now on sale!

our minds aren’t ready for fall,
but our new arrivals are all over it.
so . . . we’re moving out the old,
and bringing in the new.

any clothing you’ve been eyeing
from our summer season?
it’s now 60% off.
aryeh, M, la stampa, deca, aratta.
come and get it!

all summer shoes are on sale.
bed stu, fly london, bos & co, hush puppies.
oh yeah: 1/2 off!

we have so much new artwork coming in.
so, pieces that have been around for awhile
are now yours for 50% off.

it’s time to move out some jewelry lines . . .
yep, 1/2 off as well:
lulu design, avindy, simon & ruby, roost, desert heart.

spring/summer spicer bags, maruca design purses,
and select leather bags . . .
all yours for 1/2 off.

are we rockin’ yer world?
come rock ours by making space
for our daily deliveries from all over the world!


“you are as beautiful as you feel.”
wear it. live it.