thank you art fair!

as many of us in ann arbor do, I dread the approach of art fair. first of all, we all know the week will be the worst week of weather for the summer. why we get hit so hard during this specific week, no one will ever understand . . . is it punishment for the mass consumerism that takes over our town?! doubtful, but whatever the reason is, it’s not something meant for the weak. four days of 90+ temps, 100% humidity, hothot sun, and at least one major potentially dangerous thunderstorm is not fun times. I also dread the 10 days of schlepping tables and racks and bins full of the sidewalk sale goods I save up for the annual heavenly metal outdoor sale the week before and week of art fair.

but I do look forward to the visitors, many of whom I see once a year during artfair. they come from all over the country and are a part of what makes heavenly metal so special: the fans and supporters!

now that ann arbor is quiet and the weather has returned to normal summer weather, I’m starting to miss all of you! so, since I can’t thank you in person, I’ll just say it here: THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER GREAT ART FAIR local shoppers and fans from far away! you’re the BEST!!!