sunny days at heavenly metal!

Man o man is this the most beautiful day, OR WHAT!

The sunny weather brought these three shoppers (who assured me that they’re not playing hooky from work) into the store. They were having so much fun discovering all the new things, I had to snap a picture of them.

They’re posing with some new Maruca purses. Besides being great handmade purses, Maruca changes their fabrics twice a year, so they become collectors items! Everybody who has seen these fall/winter bags has said this season’s designs are the best yet!

In their hands are little cast iron hand shelves. Great for a bar of soap or jewelry catcher, key holder, candle, whatever. I LOVE them!

Doesn’t she look like one happy shopper, discovering the Queen Bee chirp bag? And there’s wallets to match!


Megan Auman’s delicate black welded steel jewelry.

Really fun irreverent greeting cards from PLUSD (not appropriate for grandma).

Hand-printed letterpress cards from Hello Lucky.

Black steel twig jewelry stands from Roost.

. . . and more to come . . . next week!

Plus: all Wasabi Jewelry is now 50% off to make room for all the new Wasabi that’s coming in next month.