sunday shopping spree

What a weekend! The whirlwind of New York City came to a screeching halt when I got back to town, back to work, back into the day-to-day. But I did manage to get in some peeps-time Saturday afternoon with dear friends Susan Wineberg and Lars Bjorn, who have been hosting a once-a-month Saturday brunch for about 35 years. Susan and I shared walls in a beautiful Victorian home on E. Ann for ten years, back in our wrinkle-free days. It’s comforting that they still hold vigil for brunch friends after all these years!

Check out Susan’s recycled necklace made from paper clips and plastic bottle safety seals created by a real Ann Arbor artist!


Sunday was spent working the aisles with Pnut at an apparel show in metro-Detroit featuring Chicago showrooms. Our day began, well… funny! While making a gas and coffee stop, I was accosted by the clerk who came at me the instant I walked in the door. He would not take his hands off me….even when he thought Pnut and I were a couple! When he found out we were not that kind of “partners”, he went all out trying to pull me close to him and get my phone number! Whew, I haven’t been cruised like that in a good twenty years!


We knew he was harmless and it gave us the good laugh we needed for a long day of hard work ahead of us!

The show was terrific. In store for you, oh Heavenly Metal fans: lacey dresses, tunics, and t’s. Adorable skirts. Spring scarves. Colorful wallets. Comfy crinkle cotton tunics and scarves. Springy wooden ships cotton sweaters. More Zashi mermaid skirts!


It was a long day. A good day. Pnut learned alot about the behind-the-scenes of Heavenly Metal. And I found some great new things to make you very very happy!

Here’s what’s in store for you right now:


The cowboy boots that look like they just came off a hard-workin’ cowpoke! They’re cute ankle booties and comfy as all heck!

Today Pnut rearranged the store…..’cuz we have new stuff in store for you! Ride on over to see what I’m all geeked about!