pure ponchos & wooden ships sweaters

Pure Handknit ponchos and Wooden Ships sweaters are here!!

Wooden Ships is Colombian-born designer Paola Buendia and her husband, who live, design, and manufacture their sweater line in Bali. Each sweater is deliciously designed and custom made, and incredibly comfortable and attractive….and fits many shapes and sizes, if not all.

Pure Handknit employs women in Thailand and are dedicated to helping each woman receive a standard of education and health benefits.  All sweaters are knitted by hand, making each piece a true work of art!

Emily is geeked about this pure poncho in “dust” and refuses to take it off.  Pure ponchos are one size fits all and can be worn over anything! Emily thinks it’s the coolest thing ever but can’t decide which color to get!

Also available in aqua and olive. Brenda wants the aqua.

And figures it’s the perfect accent to go with those cute Desigual jean cut-offs!

Vicki decided to go for the Wooden Ships ruana sweater in temple. This one’s available online!