Pure Inventions: delicious — and good for you!

This week I have started serving a “tea” made with green tea extracts and antioxidant fruit extracts. Why? Because it tastes so great! And because it’s so healthy!

Here’s the story.

While working the aisles at the New York Gift Show, Cindy and I came upon a booth that was offering people a liquid refreshment — Pure Inventions tea: water infused with green tea and fruit extracts. We were tired and thirsty. We really needed the pick-me-up we got from the cup of goodness the Pure Invention inventors shared with us! So, I placed an order so I could share it with you.


Chapter one:
The Pure Inventions collection are delicious tasting, all natural, fully standardized extracts, and have no calories, no caffeine, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives or alcohol and are gluten- free. The 2 ounce green tea extract provides 60 servings — add a few drops to water for high antioxidant hydration. For more flavor add a few drops of fruit extracts that come in a 4 ounce bottle. Flavors: pomegranate + acai berry, cranberry + elderberry, blueberry + white tea. Yummy. You can also add the fruit extracts to food (oh my, imagine it on ice cream).

Chapter two:
All week I’ve been making a fresh pitcher every morning, adding a sliced blood orange to the canister. Everyone coming in has been treated to a drink while they shop or get their hair cut. “Aahhh, this is good”, all say, “what is it?”

Chapter three:
I share the story….and, guess what! I’ve sold alot! I’m completely out of the pomegrante/acai berry right now!

Chapter four — (and beginning of your story):
This is good stuff! Here’s how you can use it: fill your water bottle with water. Add a few drops of the green tea extract. Add a few drops of the fruit extract. Shake it up. Stay hydrated and healthy throughout the day! Or, fill a pitcher halfway with water. Add seven drops of the green tea extract and four drops of the fruit extract if you chose to have added flavor and nutrition. Stir. Add ice cubes. Add sliced fruit. Or chopped mint leaves. Drink all day. Or, invite friends over for a cup of tea to get your story started!

After you’ve gotten hooked, share your story with the rest of the world by leaving a comment on my blog. Tell us how you serve your Pure Inventions extracts. I’m looking forward to warm sitting-in-my-garden-with-girlfriends-weather, when I’ll be serving it up in a wine spritzer or a tasty vodka drink.