our new look, pt. 2

it’s just so darn beautiful in here, we just have to share more pictures of our new look with you!

while moving things out of the way for last week’s Big Paint Job, we were inspired to create a few new display stories, including having another jewelry display case built for the front room.

we are pleased as punch to announce that this case features necklaces, earrings, and rings from none other than eric silva, metalsmith artist supreme! no need to wait until art fair to get your eric fix, just bop on in to heavenly metal for some gems, including his most-popular adjustable gemstone rings.

New Jewelry Case

a charming new display of charm necklaces from various artists.

Ornamental Things

and a whole new story for taki and tokyo bay watches, arienne zimmerman, world traveler, and wasabi earrings and necklaces awaits your approval!

Backroom Case

arienne zimmerman. sweet jewelry made right here in ann arbortown.

Arienne Zimmerman

Wasabi Jewelry

Wasabi Jewelry

jill pearson’s wasabi jewelry

Wasabi Jewelry

Backroom Case

reworks necklaces made by . . . moi!

Reworks Jewelry

whitney design mixed metal earrings . . . from sarasota sunshine-land.

Whitney Jewelry

please come take a look. we’re pretty happy with the way the place is looking.