we think it’s pretty convenient that the weather really and truly turned to winter yesterday. why? well, just as emily asked “when do you think the ornaments will arrive?” I answered “NOW!,” because steve, our mr. fedex was about to walk in our door, arms laden with boxes of ornaments!

emily put on her magic thinking cap and came up with a fabulous display concept for the ornaments. I started shooting pictures so I could share with you her geniusness.

one dowel + two = an ornament tree!

a tree grows in heavenly metal!

ornaments are beginning to roost!

the final look.

the ornaments:
felted wool holiday balls in a rainbow of colors,

the fingerless gloves are nesting quite comfortably surrounded by ornaments.

birdies, nests with robins eggs, owls, and hearts — all felted wool.

get the picture? emily sure got this one right!