oh, for cute!

the circus came to town! isn’t this the cutest wall hook?


and look what else came in on the wagon: vintage metal discs with letters and numbers: sew them onto a blue jean jacket or a backpack, or nail onto a wall.


. . . . a drum roll please . . .  and INTRODUCING . . .
brand spanking new baggallini baggs! the hottest items under the big tent!

the 3-in-one brussels bagg is a shoulder bag, cross-the-shoulder bag, and a backpack! and it has all the bells and whistles we expect from a baggallini — with the upscaled grommets and hardware, baggallini’s not clowning around!


the new yorker is a practical purse with all the fixin’s — and good looking too!


the hip little capri bag is the grown-up wallet bag


you’ll have to come try one on for size. they really are the tiger’s meow!