new york gift show: day three

Day 3 is about the time I start realizing…and feeling it in my legs….how many miles and aisles I walk during this awesome show. I also become overwhelmed (in a good way) by the incredible creativity and beauty I get to witness…tableware, glassware, jewelry, homegoods, rugs, wall art, lighting, jewelry, scarves, pillows, books, greeting cards, bags, water bottles, watches, goofy gifts, kids clothing and toys and accessories….it’s all here and so much more!

During all of the fourteen shows over the seven years I’ve attended, I always wish my mom was by my side. She would be so appreciative of the level of sophistication, creativity and beauty. I do wish I could be sharing it with her because she would so absolutely appreciate it.

The sections of the show I scoped out today (Accents in Design, Studio, Tabletop & Housewares, Personal Accessories) are the latest and greatest in creative design….and not to be overlooked are the clever displays, the booths you can’t not walk in to because they are so fabulously cool and colorful and hip…or so beautifully simple. So, yes, today was a fun day!

This is what it looked like when I walked in to Javits Center at 10:00 this morning:


I’ve been here since Saturday, which is the best day to be here: no crowds! Sunday picks up a little bit, but by Monday it feels like the Ann Arbor Art Fair and you have to push your way through the throngs. I like the quieter days, which is why I always show up for opening day. But I’m happy for the exhibitors…this is the toughest season yet and we are all hoping for a turn in the economy and the mindset of shoppers. Tomorrow will be even busier….and, yay! My friend Karen will join me at the show.

You all hear about how much fun I have meeting up with exhibitors who’ve become my pals over the years I’ve been attending the show. Today I ran into a young woman from New Orleans who works for a line that I’ve wanted to bring in…and  today I placed an order so now I can retell the story of our beginning friendship when I show you the bags and laptop cases I ordered from her! This is Lisa, an amazingly strong woman (and Katrina survivor) who was destined to become my friend….more about that later.


Last month Pnut and I waded through the thick Primitives by Kathy catalog and made a long list of what I should look at. So I entered the showroom well prepared…good thing! It took awhile to wade through, but I sure am happy to have stopped in to their booth. I ordered these black and white inspirational plaques, as well as charms and a few other fun things to share with you.


You know the magnetic jewelry that’s such a big hit and fun to play with at the store? They’re from Uno, another vendors booth I love to drop in on for a visit. I’ve been carrying them since they first appeared on the market. They’re still hot and still fun and a brilliant idea….so I’m bringing in some new styles for you and more of the colors you love.


Ooooooh! I found the sweetest ribbons in fabulous colors and I just couldn’t resist placing an order! I think you’ll love them too. They’re gonna be a wonderful grab and go gift..or an addition for crafting and jewelry-making.


One of the highlights of the show is hanging out with Olga, the woman who creates the irreverent gift cards I carry in the store. She is an inspiration and a very funny and lovely woman. Today she let me eat my sushi lunch at her little desk…..and put up with the card ideas I kept throwing out at her. As if she needs outside input…she’s got it goin’ on fer sure.


Look at me and Angela. We both showed up today wearing the fabulous T. Bleu ruffle dress!


OK friends and fans. That’s it for today. Tomorrow is another exciting day and I can’t wait to see what’s out there. Man o man I love being here at this show!

Thanks for checking in with me.