new york gift show: day one

I could just go home tomorrow. I found so much fabulous new jewelry, charms, and homegoods today, I could just call it a day! But….no….there’s lots more territory to conquer! I haven’t seen Highway or Baggallini, or Maruca yet! But let me share some of what I found today for you:

Amy Peters from Avila Beach, CA makes sterling silver charms. I’ve been wanting to bring Amy to Heavenly Metal for quite a few years and finally the time seemed right! Coming soon are her inspirational charms and necklaces. Sweet little silver treasures….ooooh boy!


And you know I love Kathryn Arnett’s recycled metal art pieces! That’s the story behind my store’s name. I’ll have some really cool Kathryn pieces coming in late fall…some oldies and goodies, some new. Kathryn just relocated to Tucson, AZ where she continues to make her fabulous work from recycled materials.


We all love Judy Vilmain’s little mesh charm bags..such sweet gifts. And who hasn’t oohed and aahed over this Providence, RI’s teeny peace pins? Well, some of you asked for them in little earrings….and you got it My suggestion was well taken! Coming soon….


A nice addition of new artists are here at the show this week. And I haven’t overlooked any of them! Here’s a precious jewelry business from a husband/wife team from Asheville, NC, Figs & Ginger. Their studio is in a vintage Air Stream trailer…sigh. ooooh. You will love their sweet (and affordable) stud earrings and necklaces.


More switchplate covers from Paperwings Studio! You asked for them, I got ’em coming in for ya!

Can I pass by Jill Pearson, Pasadena CA, of Wasabi Jewelry? No way! I have an order of pearl and oxidized silver earrings and necklaces for the new season. I think you’ll just love the change!


Angela Scirpo of Mystic, CT reappeared at the show! I’ve had her silver bird and heart jewelry….but now I’m bringing in her colorful enamel poppy rings and earrings….wonderful wonderful!


Another new artist: Kimberly Hartman, NYC, of Jadetribe. Really lovely silver and silver plated bracelets from Asia. I love ’em. I’m wearing one. You will too…soon.


And the cute award goes to Jenny and Jimbob who’ve packaged charm necklaces in recycled matchboxes….funny and cute….they will make great holiday gifts, fer sure man!


Last but not least…you won’t believe who came to the show all the way from Portland OR: Queen Bee purses! My mouth just dropped! I’ve never seen them at a wholesale show and I’ve never been able to actually look at and touch the purses I order! So here they are, and new work is on its way to Ann Arbor!


Saw many art fair and wholesale show friends, including Eric Silva who is here from LA with his wfie Denise and their newest son (#4).


Tomorrow I continue on! Keep tuned for the latest! And thank you for tuning in!