new york gift show 2011 day ONE!

so….what’s a little snow?

there are still sidewalks that have yet to be cleared….and most street corners are massive piles of snow with deep puddles of water and mush to navigate. not a pretty picture!

but I found lots of pretty pictures in the handmade section of the show, yes indeed!

here’s our sweet friends beth mueller and husband phil. I’m bringing in more mugs and whatnots embellished with beth’s sweet drawings. picture perfect!

I’m very excited to bring in the creative work of jewelry genius thomas mann. this work is really and truly heavenly metal, with clever faceting, mixed use of metals and objects, and fun! yeah thomas mann!

I adore the work of zpots. the buckets of joy and love will make really sweet wedding gifts — and the cups of peace will be great gifts for you, yourself, and I!

oh boy…more birdies for heavenly metal! and more fabulously cool creative work from dolan geiman who has got the art-on-wood thing down!

are these candles just too too wonderful?! I didn’t even think twice about placing this order from greentree candles. another gift item you’ll be wanting to keep all to yourself!

here’s a lovely view of new york at night, post blizzard:

but what’s a little snow when I get to be in this wonderful city?! this morning the sky is blue and it’s going to be a balmy 34 degrees — but I’ll be inside javits convention center all day finding more great stuff for us to drool over!

stay tuned for more!