new york gift, day three, whew!

Fun day! I spent the day in Accents on Design, aisles and aisles of fabulous designs in all categories. It’s a joy to walk through and a joy to meet with old friends. Like Emily Sugihara, designer and owner of Baggu reusable shopping bags! She’s an old friend from when she was a kid visiting Ann Arbor to her four years studying at U of M.

These are brand new leather pouches from Baggu. Fabfabfab! I’m so proud of Emily!

Love at first sight: these notebooks designed in France. I cannot wait to touch them in my store!

New friends! They produce yummy soaps, salves, candles, and lotions, with yummy graphics and yummy scents.

It’s Carolyn from Ecojot, who designs the cutest sweetest most adorable graphics for the notebooks they produce from recycled paper. Lots of cute new designs are coming our way!

Thinking about Valentine’s Day? I ordered these puffy wood red hearts for you to give to your sweetie.

This huge photograph stopped me in my tracks. It’s a landfill in S. America.

This company uses the plastic from the landfill to produce purses, bags, wallets, and bracelets. These wallets will be coming soon.

It’s Sarah and Allie! My two favorite Primitives by Kathy gals! Little wood birdies will be flying in soon.

Every gardening season, women come in asking if I sell good gardening hats. I always send them elsewhere. D’uh! Time for me to have them available for you, oui? These Tula sunhats are the bees-knees. Great protection and great looking!

Oyoyoy — the greeting cards at this show. Too many wonderful cards to choose from! But I did order these from Calypso becauses they are just so darn sweet. I had to put on blinders at several other greeting card booths, or the store would be taken over by cards!

Then, I got to hang out with my dear friend Karen Copeland (you’ve heard of her before because she always joins me at the show), go shopping, then dinner in the city. All in all, I’d say it was a good day three!