new york gift 1/2012: day one

I always enjoy my first day at the New York International Gift Show because it’s opening day, but less crowded. Actually the show has two opening days, tiered to allow for all the vendors to get their goods loaded in. Saturday is the day the Handmade section is open and always a treat to start the show walking those long aisles, visiting with vendor friends, running into shop owners from around the country that I see here twice a year. Speaking of which, I flew to New York and shared a cab with Jill Damon, owner of 16 Hands Gallery in Ann Arbor. As we gave the cab driver our hotel addresses we discovered we’re staying at the same hotel! That was a fun way to start the trip!

The Handmade section is like walking the Ann Arbor Art Fair, but with perfect weather! It’s all artist booths, run by the artists, rather than by artist reps. Oh, the creative juices that flow!

Here’s Day One. I mostly reordered from some of the artists you’re familiar with:

This is the Sugarboo booth. All hand-made images and text on wood, plus the little cards hanging in the center of this image) I can’t keep in stock. Sweet sweet sweet. You can look forward to some new paper products and new wood box signs in the spring!

Look familiar? These are Jenifer Green of Greentree Home Candles’ owl candles. I love the pieces of birch from her backyard that she used to perch the owls on. We have tons in stock right now, so you don’t have to hold your breath waiting for them to arrive!

I adore this huge peace necklace made on an old spoon. So I ordered it and a few other words from Kriss Lecocq (who’s fabulous pillows are available in Ann Arbor at Found Gallery).

This is a beautiful collection of colorful gemstone necklaces from Wasabi. They will arrive with earrings to match.

All the great greeting cards I carry are handmade and put together in a collection by artist’s rep Daisyd and Friends. With hundreds of cards to shuffle through, I appreciate Pam’s organized method for shuffling! Look forward to some sweet heart and love cards for valentine’s day!

The dconstruct bangles made from recycled plastic come from this Winnipeg, Manitoba artist. They were such a hit, I’m bringing you more and more, in three sizes!

Here’s the new item I could not resist — and neither will you! From the Candi Factory, a way cool Toronto business with a great sense of humor, I bring you:

Adorable women and men briefs, designed by Candice Levine. Oh Boy! I can’t wait for them to arrive!

So, this is just the beginning . . . Day Two will be more fun discoveries! I’m fighting off a cold that wants to grab me, so I’ll be taking it just a wee bit slower: perhaps I won’t jump up and down with joy quite as much!