new york city, here we come!

fab-oo booties have arrived

just in time for us to
wear while walking the aisles
at new york now,
the fall/winter/holiday gift show.

.  .  .  .  .

cait & I will be stylin’
in the miz mooz lissie bootie,
a twist on the chelsea boot
with soft rusched leather.

you won’t find more
comfy and coolness for fall.

is this gorgeous, or what?
bed stu’s triple bootie
in deep chocolate leather with tribal trim
is too too too fab-ooo.

.   .   .   .

which one should I keep?

the orla kiely box bags
in her signature pattern are to die for.

seriously, omg!
tattly tattoos are here.
they are the bees knees,
the cats meow,
the cream in your coffee,
and just totally feckin’ sweet.
made in the u.s.

oh for the love . . .
we can’t wait for you to fall too.

stay tuned.
we’ll share our ny now show
finds with you when we return.


you are as beautiful as you feel.”
wear it. live it.