new work/new stories! baggallini! wasabi jewelry!

vick & cindy conquer day two of new york gift show!

but first: mmmmm...comfy beds in a quiet hotel room=good night’s sleep=re-powering for another long hard day of trekking the aisle.

and second: a huge breakfast and then off to the races, with a plan in hand: conquer the rest of javits pavilion so we can spend a day and a half conquering the showrooms at the piers.

end of the day: we almost got there, but petered out very near the finish line for the day. long hard day. good work got done. but we had to get ready for our night out at carnegie hall!

but, what fun reuniting with with artists and vendors. our first stop was beth mueller who makes the sweet milk bottle vases I carry. so, beth fans! get ready: new work is comin’!


she’s so sweet! did you know she used to live in ann arbor and was part of the original 16 hands gallery? we like beth’s work.

across the hall from beth is a booth of the sweetest and coolest t’s. original feel-good artwork by jo dee foster on yummy soft burnout cotton t-shirts. I didn’t order because our michigan economy isn’t quite ready, but they’ll be coming when you beg for them!


further down the aisle is our friend jill pearson from wasabi. boy o boy did we have a good time! I put together a whole new story of earrings and necklaces from her spring ’09 line. y’all are just gonna love it!


aw, thanks for approving my selection jill! I can’t wait for my customers to approve it too!

ok, get ready girls! baggallini’s got a brand new bag!


meet ann and dixie, the brains behind baggallini. and meet brussels, a backpack/shoulder bag/cross shoulder bag. she’s big and bold!

I’m a tired puppy. more enticements tuesday evening. oh, did I mention we were guests of maestro ken kiesler at carnegie hall? he guest-conducted students and faculty from the manhattan school of music in an evening of really moving music from grieg and strauss. beautiful way to end a long long day. thank you maestro.

hey…leave me a comment! are you loving’ what we’re finding? any special requests? are you getting excited?