new goodies for the warm weather

the cutest little spring ensembles from blu-pepper are outside on the sale rack. why? because we like you! with all the new spring clothing that’s arriving, we’re running out of room! so come adorn yourselves with spring cuteness.

the faux leather jacket, available in distressed black or brown, has a motorcycle jacket tough look that is adorable with the sweet tunics and tops to pair with it. really fun.

with the warmer weather outside, we can shed our socks and wear cute open-air shoes! the fly london yaffa ankle strap wedgie is just that perfect cute spring shoe. and sooo soooo soooo comfy.

I love love love the otbt maryjane, in distressed brown leather. it’s comfy, it’s hip, it’s good for your feet, and it’s brand new to ann arbor.

and what’s gonna look cuter with these new shoes than the cutest of socks from sock it to me, french curve, and ozone?

these shimmery silky tops from mechant are in three artful floral patterns in a button-down and a scoop-neck pullover. springy!

desigual’s spring jacket is just the thing for this lovely early spring weather. great lightweight fabric with desigual’s signature collage and applique pattern.

here’s an early spring pullover in feisty coral and white stripes.

this is such an exciting time of year. birds singing. the smell of newness. warm sunshine. the change in the light outside. it’s fresh and new. just like all the goodies coming in every day, just to make you happy.