new colors . . . on our walls

springtime is always a good time for clearing out the old, bringing in the new . . . especially with a fresh coat of paint. so, out with the old, in with the new.

imagine your favorite store being taken apart like a jigsaw puzzle, then stashed on tables and surfaces leaving room for kate, the amazing painter, to do her job.

the beginning of the tear-down:


disappearing displays . . . empty walls!


first coat of a brand new color in the front room . . .


. . . and hidden beyond the mess . . . another new color.


the back room pile-up is daunting . . . but not for kate!



and one peek at a fabulous new wall:


we are so so so excited about the new look . . . plus we are getting a chance to clean everything while we create new display areas.

another day and half before we unlock the front door!