new books!

mr. ups delivered two big boxes of books today! a few oldies-but-goodies and
a few new treaures.

peter nelson’s new treehouses of the world. this book has been a mainstay gift book here for 8 years. it’s a  coffee table book full of breathtaking images of treehouses around the world.

r. crumb’s heroes of blue, jazz & country is illustrator r. crumb’s trading cards all wrapped together in this cool little book. best thing yet is the 21-track CD included of some of the musicians featured in the book.

steve mockus’ stoner coffee table book is a funfunfun trippy picture book that works best if you’re stoned — and hysterical if you can relate to the good ‘ole days, 30+ years ago.

jeffrey brown’s cat books: cat getting out of a bag and other observations and cats are weird and more observations. two very silly cartoon books drawn by a cat lover.

the fortune-telling book for moms-to-be divines the secrets about the baby in your belly — another perfect gift!

judy linn’s patti smith 1969-1976 is the photographers photodocumentary of her friendship with patti smith.

what a great mish-mash of images and ideas —I don’t which one I want to curl up with first!