my favorite moments

emily took the day off today. so I decided to walk around and take pictures of my favorite moments in the store.

as you know, moments are store displays . . . the story’s we tell with the merchandise. every day or so emily and I get to create new stories, after opening boxes full of new goodies. so here’s what’s rocking my world this week:

new card stories, all reorganized by the amazing emily. and lots of new handcrafted cards, which you’ve already read about in a previous post or email blast. I truly dig the designers we carry and their clever crafts.

card section

Holiday Cards

our colorful display of red chair studio silk scarves and our latest “fantasy” books are inspiration to bring out your creative side.  junk genius is emily’s new favorite book in the store . . .  I’m luvin’ creative display myself.

Red Chair Studio Scarves and Books

a brand new selection of tile hooks from studio vertu are perfect gifts for the holidays.

Studio Vertu

muriel is showing off our new coat from coline, displayed with maruca bags and studio vertu wall tiles . . . . this is my favorite new moment in the store!

Colene Coat and Studio Vertu

sugarboo art prints work well with z pots pottery (another winner for the holidays).

Z Pots and Sugarboo

we can’t get enough of fly london…that’s why we like to display them front and center!

Fly London

we brought in a whole new array of handcrafted vintage jewelry pieces from jill schwartz . . . they’re disappearing pretty fast too!

Elements by Jill Schwartz

Elements by Jill Schwartz

and there’s still more coming in for holiday shopping . . . which means all new “moments” for me to fall for!