more stylemax:more chicago fun

another great day at the show . . . here’s a few treasures to share with you:

a fedora! yes indeed, girls! sign up for this cool find!


summer sweet linen two-piece dress & duster from steel pony….su-weet (shown by my new bff)!


way cool dresses from theme that are going to knock you out — and make you look reeeal niiiice.


what a really really fun day, which we ended with free drinks in the show’s little bistro…..and then hopped the train to wicker park/bucktown where we had the very bestest of tacos, beer, and margarita’s at Big Star, a taqueria located inside a converted service station, where they play only country music…and the real deal at that.

now off to go see crazy heart…get a coupla hours of sleep, and then take off for ann arbor in the morning.

thanks monique…what a fun few days in chi-town with you!