mike sivak

I have a rich life full of many talented and clever friends — how lucky am I?! Mike Sivak is one of the most clever. He is a collage artist who roams from one idea to the next. The house he shares with his wife Julie is jam-packed full of both their collage and assemblage art . . . painted furniture complete with assembled attachments, large and small sculptures, paintings . . . it’s a fun house!

Mike’s recent work is copying old family photographs that he mounts on wood and paints with new heads such as cats, dogs, goats, and cows. He also paints the entire photo image with great colors, re-purposing the photographs. They are fun and funny and a huge success at my store.

Here’s Mike dropping off his latest collection:

Mike Sivak

. . . and here’s some of the fun pieces:

Pretty great, aren’t they?! We have the motherload in stock right now, so come find the right one to gift a friend or family member! Also, Mike is happy to do special orders with your photographs. let me know if that rocks your world too!