love is in the air

at heavenly metal it’s all about the love — and I am loving my new website in a big way! thanks to the creative genius design duo behind build/create, ian wilson and eric lynch. I now have a brand spanking new website that looks like my store, feels like my store (if you could feel a website, or if it has feelings), and represents what heavenly metal is all about. I <heart> my new web slaves!

the holiday groove is also in the air. black friday and shop local saturday were fantabulous, thanks to all you heavenly metal shopper-fans! I’ve sold out of a few things, but more is still coming in! and plenty of wonderful gift choices for you to get happy over (from $5 to you-name-it).

heavenly metal is now open 7 days, through 12/25. refreshments served friday nights ‘cuz I’m staying open until 9pm. 

keep the love growing by making this holiday season 100% shop local. gotta love that!