lollipop pottery is fan-poppin’-fabulous at heavenly metal

as promised yesterday, here’s the low-down on the big big bigger-than-big
hand delivery by jessica and tyson geib’s fan-pop-u-tastic lollipop pottery!

check out the jessica’s blogpost about her drop-off visit to heavenly metal.

it took most of the day today to take apart displays, configure new ones,
sort and price the work —and then create the new lollipop story.

but let’s take a look at what we uncovered in those boxes, shall we?

ramekins, cream and sugar bowl sets, shot glasses, coffee/tea mugs.
all adorned with jessica’s wonderful graphics: the caged lolliBird,
the monster,the lolliSkull, and the monster. precious, fun, sweet,
and oh-so heavenly metal-perfect.

sweet, isn’t it? and plenty to go around for all of you who’ve been waiting
for lollipop pottery to come back to heavenly metal.

in the process a new greentree home candle story was created!

it’s looking poppin’ good. at least, we think so.
let us know what you think.