let the cold weather party begin!

cold weather accessories galore!

it’s a party in here . . .
an accessories party that is.

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pom pom hats, scarves, & fabulous gloves from verloop . . .
including their wonderful colorblock touchscreen gloves.

two’s company cozy soft neck warmer infinity scarves
in black, white, & tan.


pink martini wool blend eternity scarves
in mustard, olive, burgundy, & black.

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visual treats one-of-a-kind scarves
created from reclaimed cashmere —
handcrafted in fredricksburg, virginia.

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our plaid blanket scarves are roomy enough to wrap up in,
wear as a shawl, or scrunch up around your neck.

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gypsy and lolo fingerless gloves are made in the bay area
made from 100% recycled materials.

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party on and say “ha!” to the beginning of winter.

we also have boots, socks, leggings, and sweaters
for keeping the cold-weather party going all winter.