it’s true. heavenly metal is filled with an abundance of perfect items.

cait & I oooh & aaah
over our delicious offerings . .
we thought we’d share some with you.

tokyo bay watches are lovely pieces of jewelry.
they also pair quite loverly with our bracelets.

brand spanking new designs from
elements by jill schwartz are flippin’ fabulous.

oh my oh my these rings and stud earrings from
chocolate and steel are to die for . . .
made from melted down recycled jewelry.

our local jeweler, sue nordman, taliswoman sioux studios,
just dropped off some gems of new earrings.
we love her southwestern vibe.
(we’re hosting her trunk show 12/12)

these cat and bird pillows from natural habitat
are A-door-A-ble, n’est ce pas?

this is the reason why we love conduit press:
the purses and journals are made from
recycled leather furniture. cool, right?

these credit card holders are colorful,
convenient, practical, and RFID.

the story behind all souls merchandise pouches is what
makes them so special: they are made from 30 years of
american and european army surplus: brilliant recycling.
the dogtag zipper pulls are a clever touch.

how many times a day do we pick up these zill zeidler mugs?
they feel good and they look even better.

for those of you who got to hear maira kalman
speak at this week’s penny stamps speaker series,
you’ll appreciate my love for her work . . .
and that I have two of her books in stock.

now that we’ve seen snow swirling about,
we don’t think it’s too early to brag about our
holiday sweetness: greeting cards, ornaments,
stocking stuffers, and great gifts galore.