it’s trade-show season.

I know it’s just august. the cicada’s finally appeared today with our hotter and more humid summer weather. but for me, this time of year means it’s off to chicago and new york and las vegas to find new treaures for you, my heavenly metal fans, to add to your treasure chests!

this weekend I go to chicago for stylemax, the wholesale apparel,  footwear, and accessory trade-show.

stay tuned for pictures from my visit. I promise you new clothing, shoes, purses, and jewelry to make your world just a wee bit more wonderful. if there’s anything special you want me to find for you…..let me know by posting a comment. I’ll keep my eyes open for you!

I return from chicago monday evening. cut hair and work in the store all week and then off to new york for the gift show. more on that later…..