I just love ’em . . . . Tiffany Ownbey’s sculptures, that is!

TIffany Ownbey’s paper mache folk art sculptures make me very very happy!

The North Carolina artist uses recycled and found objects and used paper products for heads, arms, and hands, then builds out the figures with paper mache. Here’s a photo of Tiffany in her Ann Arbor Art FaIr booth back in July, where her pieces were flying out of her booth!

This is one of her “small figures“, made with old porcelain and plastic doll heads. The figures are 12″ high and 8” wide, available in purple, red, and pink and are just precious!

Mrs. and Mr. Teacup” are a fabulous recycling idea! The girls’ skirts are used tin lids, their hats vintage kids tin teacups, and they all hold an antique spoon. Soooo cute at 14″ in red or green!

Vase boy” is 15″ tall. The hole in his head is a glass vase, so he really pulls off the Carmen Miranda look well! He comes in blue or green, skinny or chubby.

Fly Boy” bears vintage Atomic Flyer metal wings attached to a metal ring. His head is a vintage porcelain doll head, he’s about 12″ tall and he’s ready to fly into someone’s home.

Some people find “Bunny in Heels” kind of scary, but I think she’s quite cute. Maybe it’s her size: she comes on strong at 22″. She has a green Bunny in Heels pal and a white Cat in Heels hanging out with her in the store, all ready for adoption.

Well, there you have it. I’m thrilled to be carrying Tiffany Ownbey’s outsider art! Don’t you think they’re kinda great Xmas gifts for yourself or one of the names on your list? Come in and see why!