how many boxes can one girl open?

Last Thursday and Friday, 20 boxes were delivered to Heavenly Metal. Seriously. It took two days (and one of them into the wee hours) for Karen and me to get everything opened, checked off, priced, and merchandised, which means tearing the store apart, moving everything around, and finding the right place for all the new goodies. Here’s the results of one jewelry case re-do, with new Wasabi earrings and Eric Silva jewelry.


My upstairs neighbor Jen and her friend Aimee, visiting from NYC, came down to show off their party clothes, hoping to lure us away from our hard work!jen_opt

But no way, nothing could stop me. I knew more boxes were on their way! Yes, indeed. And sure enough, ten more arrived this week. I’m running out of places to put everything, but the store shore do look good!