holidays are inching closer

I know it seems a bit early . . . but, by popular request, I’ve brought out the holiday cards — and our shoppers have been buyin’ ’em up!

Now, you must know that these are very special holiday cards. They are handmade by young mom & pops and small press paper cooperatives. They are all designed by way awesome artists. Many are hand-glitzed and hand printed letterpress. All are really special.

I actually am really honored to represent these fearless artists who love paper and illustration and dyes and letterpress and design and who work so hard to squeeze out a living creating what they love and are skilled at.

Here’s some of the fabuloso logos of these fabuloso artists:

Holiday Cards Galore

Scroll down to see examples of the really wonderful cards we’re carrying and find out about the designers:

cat fish greetings, nolita new york city. behind the scenes at this new york city stationery and gift shop are designers who make greeting cards with the most precious little designs that are embellished with teeny tiny trinkets, meticulously glued to each and every card. like, how cute are these?!

Catfish Greeting Cards

driscoll design, seattle. angela and charlie driscoll are a mom and pop design team who, together with a colorful cast of characters, create precious greeting cards with vintage and european-inspired images that are hand-glittered and adorable. printed on recycled and post consumer waste paper and printed with biodegradable, vegetable-based ink on their presses. awesome.

Driscoll Cards

ecojot, toronto. a line of cards and notebooks designed and created by brother/sister team  mark and caroline gavin with sugary sweet graphics that are beautifully crafted on to cards and notebooks. they use recycled paper products . . . and the plus is . . . they donate some of their proceeds to the GIVE program.

Cards by Ecojot

L2Design collective, orlando florida. a group of like-minded artists with a love of letterpress screen printing, a passion for illustration and an obsession with typography are who make up this totally unique and clever group of designers who produce great greeting cards.

L2 Design Greeting Cards

night owl paper goods, birmingham alabama. this is a small press company owned by alan henderson and jennifer talham, a couple who are devoted to creating handmade letterpress cards and eco-chic wooden goodies. they find their graphic inspiration from the works of swedish and american folk artists and little cute critters abundant in nature!

Night Owl Paper Goods

onecanoetwo letterpress, columbia missouri. while camping and canoeing a small missouri river, two best friends, beth snyder and carrie shyrock, spent several years fantasizing a way to make illustration into a business. add a sister-in-law to bind this really sweet trio who create precious cards that make people happy!

One Canoe Two Letterpress Cards

screech owl design, brooklyn new york. artist and designer jacqueline schmidt blends together the urban and natural worlds in her creations of quirky cards that feature animals in domestic settings with vibrant color hues in her printing process, using recycled paper goods.

Screech Owl Design Cards

spitfire girl design, los angeles. the brains behind the line, kristin, is a very busy, very creative woman who makes home goods and paper products using vintage inspired designs paired with her obsession with anything made of wood. her cards represent that love and are a pretty wonderful new addition to all the card lines I carry.

Spitfire Girl Cards

sweet gumball, houston texas. two sisters have created this new line of handcrafted greeting cards and giclee canvases that features the photographs of one of the sisters,  susan k. case. susan photographs simple sweet images in nature that she and her sister embellish and turn into these sweet works of art.

Cards by Sweet Gumball

tegami, japan. this company was founded in 1908! recognized for printing the works of emerging artists, tegami (the japanese word for “letter”)  brings together cutting-edge japanese graphic design with advanced green-technologies in their printing process. the cards are truly adorable.

Tegami Cards

Tegami Cards

whigby, toronto. a lovely and quirky line of paper products designed and crafted by todd temporale and frank viva. whigby is all about pattern and paper, eccentricity and authenticity, cheap cheeriness with a dash of cheekiness, lovely uncoated recycled broadsheets and perfect printing. their greeting cards are printed on the unused sheets of the recycled paper they use in the printing of wrapping paper and other printing projects. I’m a big fan of theirs because they are big fans of my favorite illustrator maira kalman and have printed some of her works onto greeting cards, that you can find at heavenly metal!

Whigby Cards

zeichen press, minneapolis. either these two women are sisters or they have the same last name: zeichen press is jen and fran shea. they love letterpress and they have a great sense of humor. they love using ancient letterpress machines, settinng the antique type by hand, and printing on thick cotton paper. what’s not to love when we know these two artists are loving what they do? and I’m happy to find another funny chanukah card to sell in my store!

Zeichen Press Cards

bizzarr verlag, germany. these vintage-inspired holiday postcards I’m carrying come from a german graphic design company that has been collaborating with artists since 1983. the list of artists is longer than my arm. these illustrators, writers, and designers print postcards, fun novelties, books, paper products — I’m a big fan of their postcards that have the look of hand-tinted B&W photographs.

Postcards by Bizarr

as you can see, I adore letterpress. how can one ever buy a mass-produced greeting card ever again when there are so many clever illustrators and designers working the big presses to make it possible for us to give great cards such as these?

please come spend at least a half hour looking through our holiday card selection. I look forward to the smiles the cards bring out.