My Ann Arbor Art Fair artist friends!

I had a great time cruising this year’s Ann Arbor Art Fairs, looking for new artist’s for the gallery and checking up with friends whose work I carry.

I’m very excited to bring the work of papier mache artist Tiffany Ownbey to Heavenly Metal in the Fall. New to the fairs this year, her work is extremely clever and fun. She uses found objects and found paper products (pages from bibles, chewing gum wrappers, newspapers) to create comical figures in many shapes and sizes.

It was fun to hang out with Nancy Gardner and her hubby Burt Isenstein at their popular art fair booth. They were last year’s featured artist in the Original Ann Arbor Art Fair and are still riding high on that claim to fame! Lucky me: they were able to restock Heavenly Metal with more of their heavenly ceramic goodies.

I call Eric Silva “Mr. Popular”. I managed to wade through the crowds in his tiny booth, attempting to get an eye on his latest jewelry creations. I also managed to score some of his faceted earrings and adjustable rings for Heavenly Metal, though women were trying their best to grab them out of my hands. If you weren’t able to get inside his booth, come see what all the fuss is about.