heavenly metal stories

I like to refer to heavenly metal’s displays as stories: when I’m merchandising I look around to see how to tell the story of the inventory I’m putting on display. so my store is filled with many many little and big stories! sometimes I also call these story’s moments . . . as in, look at this little moment in time.

as you regular visitors know, we move things around daily, creating new story’s constantly. emily and I thought we’d share some of today’s story’s with you on this post.

fly london shoes are so much fun to display. colorful and playful, they say alot when shown as an artpiece.

Fly London Frez Shoes

Fly London Yayas

we had a whole mess ‘o baggallini bags arrive this week, requiring a lot of head-scratching to find a home for all of them. I’m enjoying the story of the newest bags I’m telling, in the front room by my haircutting chair.


I always have fun working with beth mueller’s milk bottle ceramics . . . each piece has it’s own little story, and they look so dramatic and inviting.

Beth Mueller Vases

primitives by kathy box signs look great massed together on the floor!

Primitives by Kathy Box Signs

we like to put green tree home’s candles right up front . . . they smell good and are wonderful images in yummy colors.

Ian Nicholas Bad Kid Magnets and Greentree Home Candles

Desigual, Blu Pepper, Monoreno, Only Hearts

cross merchandising: kathryn arnett’s recycled metal pieces work perfectly with desigual tops, purses, and scarves.

Desigual Clothing

graphics help to create the story. emily copied the hila font onto our display cards for this little jewelry moment.

Hila Jewelry

it can be difficult to merchandise all the little jewelry items that need good placement where they won’t get lost. this is one of the moments I enjoy recreating. a number of artists’ works hanging out together to tell one big story!

Hila, Metals Girl, Amy Peters

lollipop pottery also speaks for itself, each piece having it’s own story . . . but I do like the big picture of  them shown together.

Lollipop Pottery Mugs

the jill schwartz story is way fun to create . . . and her story looks so good against the white-washed wood case.

jill schwartz jewelry

lucy. what a great story with her protecting the lollipop pottery mugs!

Lucy and Lollipop Pottery

maruca design’s fall purses are cozied up to edith, our dressform. she insists on always being a part of the Big story!

Maruca Designs Purses and Bags

new maruca wallets also tell a big story on their own, in soothing fall colors.

Maruca Designs Wallets

just look at this gorgeous story: mincing mockingbird’s bird plaques tell a big story when flocked together like this!

Mincing Mockingbird Bird Panels

green tree home’s owl candles: a lovely story full of color and whimsy, especially when merchandised with nancy gardner’s ceramics.

Greentree Home Owl Candles

we can’t keep enough of these sweet owl pillows in stock, the story told on a vintage white children’s chair.

Natural Life Owl Pillows

world traveler earrings hanging on a chair that is hanging on a wall. c’est bon!

World Traveler Earrings

I adore this display of zpots ceramics. shown all together they make a big story with the poetry and images used in each piece.

Z Pots Pottery