spring deliveries=more color to gush over

this morning on facebook I saw a picture of spring popping through the ground in the form of green and yellow sprouts of spring bulbs. now this could have come from southern ohio . . . or up here in the northern wilds of ann arbor. I myself have yet to see signs on the ground, but I say it’s still too early. and that’s a good thing. last year spring came way too early and then the whammy cold returned to destroy michigan crops. so let’s all hope for spring appearing on time . . . in three weeks and no sooner!

but . . . until then, every day I have incredibly gorgeous spring color taking over the store. so you can fill up on color to wear, instead of smell!

red chair studios beautiful silk scarves in beautiful new spring colors are beautifully ready for you to try on!

Red Chair Studio Scarves

Red Chair Studio Scarves

Red Chair Studio Scarves

rockflowerpaper blended-wool scarves are so pretty this season . . . this is one of three patterns and six colors that will knock your socks off!

Suzani Pumpkin Scarf

thursday island vests are very springy and very retro. when it gets above 45 degrees, this is going to be a real winner with a cute little t.

TI Teal Vest 1

spring shoes from pikolinos are here! read all about them and trust your feet will be springing down the street when you put them on!

Piko Blue 5

Piko Clog 1

Piko Sandal 1

the new watches from taki and tokyo bay are wow and colorful and way funky!

Double Front

Petal Blue 2

if this isn’t springy, I just don’t know what is: necklaces and earrings from ann arbor jeweler arienne zimmerman!

AZ 6

AZ 7

aren’t these the sweetest sugary sweet spring chickens . . . hammered sterling silver necklaces and earrings from chocolate and steel.

Chocolate and Steel Necklaces

Chocolate and Steel Strawberry Studs

color galore! riverstone bracelets. so yummy yummy yummy pretty. to wear, not eat.

RS Clean Up and Round Lapis

new springy colors of chive vases are in and waiting (like all of us) for spring bulbs to adorn them!

Chive Vase 1

sugarboo has a new thang: vintage lace-pressed ceramic bowls. so sweet and very pretty. one of a kind and one special little gift.

Sugarboo Bowls

the hits keep comin’ in . . . keep your noses pressed right here for more, from me!