glam naturale, dconstruct, mechant, blu-pepper, otbt, fly london

celebrating my mother’s 90th birthday in florida last week did not stop mr ups and mr fedX from delivering their daily boxes full of surprises. and wow, did we get boxes….!

it only took me half a day to catch up (it helps to have some fabulicious worker-bees pretending to be me while I’m gone). and I am pleased as punch to show you what was in the boxes — all from my january new york gift show orders.

I so love glam naturale. they use recycled and reclaimed goods (canvas, leather, brass) plus they make really great products that are as functional as they are cool.

check out the multi-tote. it has EVERYTHING you need and more.  it’s spacious, comfortable, cute, and the kicker is that the bottom zippered compartment is lined for keeping food or drinks cool!! seriously cool!

glam naturale’s iPad bag is seriously unlike any other iPad carrier I’ve seen. this one features a unique canvas iPad sleeve that slips into a buckled front pocket plus inside there’s plenty of room for…whatever! both come in the “tree of life” and owl designs. way-ness. seriously.

you’ve all flipped over the owl and “free as a bird” shoulder bags. so well I had to offer the “tree of life” design as well. a-door-a-bull.

glam naturale has new iPhone cases too. have you ever seen a bamboo case with an owl on it? ‘didn’t think so, but you’re gonna love it!

what else….oh yeah! two glam new naturale recycled brass necklaces.

how cute is this elephant???!!!!!

a new selection of bracelets from dconstruct is in. made from recycled resin and embedded organic objects like bamboo, seaweed, and leaves, these bracelets are sooo light and beautiful. they were a big big bigtime holiday gift hit.

check out the bamboo and leaf styles.

mechant creates very creative print tops. I’ve been excited to bring these in for you because I think they are particularly special. two styles, v-neck pullover or button-down with collar. three fabric designs. all great!

these faux leather motorcycle jackets are perfect to match with a sweet top or tunic underneath, from blu-pepper. love the look. love the feel.

I’ve got two new shoe styles for spring. the shoe on the left is an exciting new addition to heavenly metal. otbt, off the beaten track, makes fresh-looking shoes that are intended for great comfort, great style, intended to be worn by a unique woman! the springfield mule. that’s what I’ve got for you.

and on the right is fly london’s spring release: the ylva, an adorable open toe laced sling shoe with the wonderfully comfortable and cushy footbed that fly london is famous for.

 ….wonder what’s coming in this week? stay tuned!