eric silva! kathryn arnett! maruca design! all at the new york gift show!

new york gift show. javits convention center. nyc. day one.

got up this morning at 4am to catch a 7am flight from dtw to lga with friend and neighbor cindy weatherbee who enjoys tackling the show with me.

tired. excited. hungry. really really hungry. the creperie I rely on for my nourishment at the javits center has no power. no power=no grill=no food. but the work must be done! no food for the travel and shopping weary.

I walk up down the aisles and aisles of artists and vendors, looking for new work, looking for my friends, wishing I could get my spinach crepe. and . . . lo and behold . . . who appears before me but kathryn arnett! the recycled metal artist whose work inspired me to name my store heavenly metal! my customers have been big fans of kathryn’s work since I opened my gallery/gift shop, and I admit I’ve run low on her work these past few months.


but . . . I now have a barnyard full of recycled metal artwork (hearts, flowers, wall art, key holders, magnets) on order to make your homes springy cheery and bright!

I walk on down the aisle, stop to talk to a jeweler friend . . . turn around to the other side of the aisle, see a display booth that looks all too familiar, thinking “whoa, somebody did an amazing job of replicating eric silva’s art fair booth“, when I realize OMYGOD it is eric silva! here at the wholesale show! eric silva! in new york! well, after I pinched myself (and eric’s cheek) a few times, I settled down to writing up an order that is going to make all you eric silva fans very very happy!

so, here’s how it’s working for eric. he has three fabulous, organized employees who are helping him get his act together! no more wishy washy eric. his 4th child was just born two weeks ago: he’s ready for the big time. here’s heidi in the  booth we in ann arbor love to visit during art fair. she’s making sure it all comes together.


I’m really happy now. hungry, oh yeah, but having a great time! the creperie is still out of power. there’s more orders to be placed. so onward and upward through the aisles until I come upon my friend angela schuster from maruca design. she’s the woman who keeps all smiling at the little boulder, colorado studio where the bags are designed, cut, and sewn by hand, then sold all over the country, including at heavenly metal — where they are one of the mainstays.


all of you who have been collecting maruca bags over the years (and there are many of you I can think of as I sit in my hotel room writing this) are going to love love love the spring/summer fabrics and new styles. warm, colorful, just what we need to remind us that there is hope after minus 4 degrees for two months!

enuf of the show! dinner with old ann arbor friends john nelson (special effects director of ironman and gladiator) and gerhard schlansky (director of exhibits at the new-york historical society) and jewelers o-live and kathy frey (both from chicago) at a little hideaway on 9th avenue. a good day all around. some sleep time and ready to walk more ailes in the morning!