end of february new stories and new goodies!!!!

exciting new arrivals this week — and so sunny fresh, we’re just all gushing here at heavenly metal!

we’ve been busy creating new stories with all the new inventory. I just had to shoot some pictures for you to get a look-see.

how about a trip to Paris? this little box sign won’t get you there, but it might inspire you.

or viva Roma?

we’ve got lots of love for your pets in stock:

and who doesn’t need to be reminded about the sky above us?

good news for those of you waiting:
“love you to the moo
pillows are back!!!!
and we’ve plenty of “love you more” pillows, as well.

new ecojot notebooks in all sizes got to us yesterday AND adorable totes, cosmetic bags, and coin purses are now included in the line. soooo sooooo soooo yum.

new boots for spring! the bestest green of green suede leather with tan leather straps. and a black motorcycle boot.

a few of my current favorite moments around the store:

brand new ian nicholas’ pieces, peaking out of a pretty blue box.

still adoring the lollipop pottery delivery from last week. though they keep leaving in gift bags!

that’s my story. lovin’ it here an e. ann st. in downtown ann arbor!