elements by jill schwartz

la-di-da and oh happy day! emily and I just couldn’t resist devoting a blog post entirely to the coolest and hippest jeweler this side of the hudson river, jill schwartz. we just completed creating a display filled to the brim with beautiful romantic jewelry from elements by jill schwartz. are you ready to drool?

check out jill’s rings, earrings, and necklaces, freshly bloomed for heavenly metal!

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absolutely exquisite rings:
. . . such as this turquoise cluster ring with mother of pearl beads.

Turquoise Cluster D33R Ring

. . . . and what’s not to LOVE with this “L is for love” ring?!

L is for Love H34R Ring

. . . or maybe this really fun “all together now” ring with assorted glass beads is more your style . . .

All Together Now C30R Ring

we have a large assortment of earrings and necklaces to mix and match . . . some of them you loved so much we brought them back, and some styles that brand spankin’ new!

here’s some earrings:

“spirit bird” earrings with amazonite and carnelian beads.

Spirit Bird H03E Earrings

small velvet bow earrings with a coral drop and assorted ribbons.

Small Bow F26E Earrings

“simple pleasure” with sunstone, vintage glass, and fresh water pearl beads.

Simple Pleasure W01E Earrings

sequin flowers with assorted beads.

Sequin Flower Earrings

antique gold plated flower with faceted czech beads.

Q25E Earrings

coral clusters with jade and faceted czech beads…this one is 20% off!

Q20E Earrings

“olive you”with jade beads and a vintage resin rose.

Olive You A05E-G Earrings

“olive jade flower” with a vintage resin flower.

Olive Jade Flower H40E Earrings

love birds encircled by faceted czech beads with a ribbon bow…on sale for 20% off!!

M03E Earrings

“island bird” enclosed in a gold plated finding, accented with coral and iridescent beads…these go well with the “island bird” necklace.

Island Bird G08E Earrings

“fly away” with an embroidered fabric flower and a glass bead drop.

Fly Away R09E Earrings

“exquisite perch” with an amazonite drop surrounded by a shell disc and silk ribbon bow.

Exquisite Perch R10E Earrings

“double oval rose” with shell discs and a cast ribbon flower…these are 20% off!!

Double Oval Rose C10E Earrings

“double flower” with fabric and resin flowers and a resin bead.

Double Flower D08E Earrings

“dancing pearls” with smooth glass beads (these match the “all together now” ring and “perfect balance” necklace.)

Dancing Pearls C07E Earrings

“coral love” with fresh water pearl and coral beads.

Coral Love W06E Earrings

“angel tears” with a mother of pearl button and topaz.

Angel Tears Topaz H08E

“angel tears” with a mother of pearl button and rose quartz.

Angel Tears Coral H08E Earrings

fabric flowers in front of a crystal mirrored button with dyed jade beads.

A20E Earrings

iridescent faux pearl surrounded by faceted czech beads on a gold plated finding.

A02E Earrings

seen enough? no, wait: and now for the necklaces . . .

“yes we can” necklace with czech beads and fresh water pearls with antique gold and charcoal findings and chain.

Yes We Can C21N Necklace

“the pursuit of happiness” necklace with an assortment of shells, riverstone and seed beads, accentuated with cast ceramic and mirrored glass cabochons.

The Pursuit of Happiness C19N Necklace

“perfect balance” necklace with assorted czech beads, rose quartz, iridescent beads, and sequined appliques, which goes with the “all together now” ring and the “dancing pearls” earrings.)

Perfect Balance C20N

“nature’s delight” necklace with a mixture of abalone, jade, sunstone and mother of pearl beads.

Natures Delight R27N Necklace

“natural selection” necklace with carved glass, aventurine beads, and an embroidered applique.

Natural Selection H21N Necklace

this necklace is an assortment of fabric and complex beadwork….featuring hematite, fresh water pearls, rayon and a seed bead ribbon with a velvet button.

J07N Necklace

“island bird” featuring a chain of hematite beads complete with a signature jill schwartz pendant – coral and glass beads with antique gold plated findings…it goes with the “island bird” earrings as well!

Island Bird G21N Necklace

“bird in a cage” necklace with an assortment of glass beads and antique gold plated findings.

Bird in a Cage W37N Necklace

Jill’s story:
She began designing jewelry when she was 3 years old. Forbidden to have pierced ears, she craftily resorted to gluing beads to her ears. Post college, travelling through Europe in her early 20s was how her passion was ignited. Jill’s love for shopping led her to bead stores, and her talent for putting her finds together in unique ways found her first admirers as she travelled on trains. It was then she realized that she could be making money to buy her an extra day in Europe. That extra day turned into a year . . . and Elements/Jill Schwartz was born. While Jill’s mixture of unusual vintage and modern materials has evolved over the years, each piece she creates is still unmistakably, inimitably “Jill.”

la-di-da, what a great story! come on in to see the fruit of her passion in person!