desigual 2012. and it’s still available in ann arbor.

desigual’s early 2012 collection is pretty dang wonderful.

it’s full of color.
it’s characteristic of the line’s collage and applique fabrics.
it’s characteristic of the line’s fun-factor and collectible-factor.
(and it’s only available in Ann Arbor at Heavenly Metal.)

a few pieces arrived today:
three new purses, three spring scarves, two skirts, one top, one spring jacket, one adorable dress, and one style of applique cut-offs. and enough sizes to go around.

wooo-hooo o boy o boy . . .  this is only half the delivery . . . more coming in a month!

I know it’s cold outside and spring is not just around the corner…..but, if you’re traveling to warm climes, or like to layer with adorable colorful pieces, get your bootie in here….the goods are to be gotten!

just take a look . . .

two of the fab fab fab purses

the most adorable dress inside heavenly metal, at the moment

and skirt, too!

wear these way way way cut-offs this winter with leggings and tall boots.
yeah, baby!

. . . don’t know what desigual is?
desigual is designed in barcelona spain.
desigual’s line of clothing is for people of all ages and it has hit the world big time.
desigual has big stores all over europe (and a few in the u.s.)
. . . though alas, it’s mostly not available everywhere . .

. . . but, lucky you, it’s here in ann arbor . and .  it makes me just so happy that I can make it available to you!

good clothing. fun clothing. not-everyone-wears-it clothing.
I think that is so very very special.
I think that is what you can find at 207 e. ann st.