days two/three…new york gift show, which goes on and on….

I have so much to share with you….and I am tired as can be.

It’s Monday night, day three of the NY Gift Show. I just had a lovely dinner with my Maruca Designs girlfriend, Angela, at Mario’s Trattoria, a teeny tiny Italian restaurant on 9th Ave, around the corner from my hotel. I am now settled in my room, listening to one of my favorite DJ’s, Gentilly Jr., on WWOZ…streaming live on my computer, feeling at home listening to my favorite music on one of my favorite radio stations (

It’s all good, y’know? My feet and back need a rub big-time, but my heart is soaring. So many great people here I get to reconnect with twice a year…and all the wonderful creativity…whew, it’s just overwhelming.

Here’s a tiny bit of the goods you’re gonna enjoy over the next few months

gorgeous hand-woven wool and silk scarves from India…hand-spun and dyed, these scarves are yummy soft and timeless in their styles and patterns.

more fabulous black and white box signs!

panel prints from the mincing mockingbird . . . small paintings of birds (and you know heavenly metal just luvs birds) on little wall boxes. . . so gosh-darn sweet I am one happy chick-a-dee to be bringing them to you!

new recycled-metal artworks from kathryn arnett, including these groovy new peacenik magnets!

bracelets from jade tribe! new colors/new styles, you bet they’re great!

now I need to figure out how to compress all the fun videos I’ve been taking with my iphone 4 so I can post them on the blog….really fun people and great art to share with you!

so….keep dropping in to see what else I have to tell you.